Eivind H. Natvig (b. 1978) is a visual artist based in northern Norway.

Following years of editorial work, both in at home and abroad, he has concentrated more and more of his energy on personal narratives, resulting in books and exhibitions in galleries and museums. 

“You Are Here Now” (Tartaruga Press) emerged from an extended road trip during a period of self-imposed homelessness. Natvig lived on the couches of strangers throughout Norway creating a project riddled with juxtapositions.


During his next major project “Come, for all is now ready,” Natvig witnessed the circle of life play out in small islands societies scattered across arctic Norway. The work bears a distinct visual expression occupying a space somewhere between documentary photography and chanted verse. A voice not unlike like the prayers of the outlying faithful which the project seeks to chronicle.

Natvig sees photography as a means of discovering new points of view and a tool for conveying the experiences common to all humankind. At the core of his last body of work, “Today I am a human,” one finds a strong social and political conscience through examining a century of involuntary migration in the Middle East. His ruminations on the human condition provide a poetic testament on how profound and astonishing ordinary life can be.


Currently Natvig is working on one project in the Middle East and one in his adopted island home of Lofoten.

The images are from the projects "KAN" which will be released at Perspektivet Museum on May 5th, 2018 "You Are Here Now", "Come, for all is now ready", "Today I am a human" and "In one hundred years all is forgotten"

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Photo: Christian Houge

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