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Kjetil Berge a resident of Lofoten, lives and works in London and Norway. For the 9th Havana Biennale he produced A Bailar, 2006 a sculpture/performance stage for capitalist and communist entertainment. Invited to the W17 residency program; Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, 2009 intending to learn Turkish, he created ALYANS a program of cultural exchange.


He belly-danced ALYANSdans to the Azerbaijani band Savalan  at Høstutstillinhgen (Autumn Exhibition, Oslo) 2011, His photo essay book NEARFAR published by Teknisk Industri AS  with essays by Tacita Dean, Angela de la Cruz, Lynne Segal, Tore Rem, Else Marie Bukdahl, Øyvind Stokke, Amber Jacobs, Kristian Skylstad launched at Noplace, Oslo 11/11/11. Supported by the Norwegian Embassy it launched at the Swedenborg Society, London 2013. Breaking the Ice, 2013 produced by NNKS, Norway was a journey in a fossil fuelled ice-cream van from Preston ,UK to Kirkenes, Norway via Murmansk, Russia. During the Christmas Holidays 2012 he was exchanging ice-cream for conversations about the weather all the way.


Since 2013 he has been collaborating with Jason Havneraas making performances and performative videos. The blog LOVEOFTEN co-hosted by Mei Szetu was launched at a LIAF supported event at The Midnight Sun Barn, Lofoten August 2015. The Weather in Russia is Fine a solos show at Siegfried Contemporary, London, opened November 2017 presenting new collages, objects, and a performative sculpture with contributions from AM. Creamer & Lucy Gunning, Tessa Brown and Jonny White, Sara Dilmamode, Jason Shelley, Roger Allen, Nadia Berri, Thana Balamurali, Mia Taylor, Will Stronge and Laura Emsley.

Kjetil Berge presents Remo's Journey: a photo narrative

** Click on image to view its full size.

A phrase-book: öğretmen, lærar, teacher. 2010. Women/girl playing the flute. 

Roger, 2017. Roger the unicorn is asleep (growing).

Sissel, 2007. Cecille in garden cooking is beautiful - love the sofa. What is the windmill/star in the background.

Berta, 2008. Berta is a pretty girl and looks so happy.

Far and I, 2006. Looking serious yet happy and as one.

Time, 2008.  Is time running out/ Lots of time/ Is it that time already.

Remos reise, 2015. Always elegant.

Breistad, 2017. Very artistic blurred man- although not sure who he is looking at.

Bigfoot, 2017. Poached tree.

16 f, 2015.  Where were you travelling to?

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