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100 Norwegian Photographers was initiated by the artist Ina Otzko / IO Productions in October 2017. 
In the period 10. January - 19. April 2018, Otzko presented one new photographer every day for one hundred days building up this website and shared equally in various social medias as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
The project was inspired by 100 Finnish Photographers organised by Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen, Marko Hämäläinen, Anna Ruth & Juho Jäppinen (Äkkigalleria). 

100 Norwegian Photographers aims to present Norwegian contemporary photographers and camera based artists for a national and international audience. The main focus of the selection process was to compile a representation of what is happening in Norwegian photography focusing on present living photographers working in various genrè. 


Ina Otzko took the project further and is the editor of the book 100 Norwegian Photographers, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag.

The book was launched in collaboration with Norla / Norwegian literature abroad and Fotografie Forum Frankfurt October 18th, and exhibited during the Frankfurt Book Fair at the Norwegian Pavilion, Norway Guest of Honour - The dream we carry.





Featured Photography - D2 October 18, 2019. An interview by Øyunn Rishøy Hedemann


Norwegian pictures.

100 living photographers from all over the country are highlighted in Ina Otzko's new art book.


In the autumn two years ago, Norwegian artist Ina Otzko (47) discovered the Finnish art project "100 Finish Photographers". She wanted to create a Norwegian equivalent, began to research what existed by photographers and expressions here in the country, delved into well-known artists and photographers she had not heard of before. Then she contacted them.


- The reactions were consistently positive, sometimes wondering, like this: Who are you, what is your background and why are you doing this?


After three months of research, she started 100 Norwegian Photographers in January 2018: Every day for 100 days a new Norwegian photographer was presented on the project's website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


- The process was intuitive, quality and expression were the most important and that the photographs were able to draw me in. It should be living photographers, diversity, geographical spread, known and not so well known. It is important to make room for new voices, says Otzko.


Norway in Germany.

The genres range from art to press photography, from documentary to fashion, nature, portrait and landscape photography. The youngest is Eivind Hansen, born in 1992, the oldest is Johan Brun, born in 1922. Celebrities such as Knut Bry, Dag Alveng and Morten Krogvold are also included.


It was not difficult to find good enough photographers, Otzko says, it was worse to choose which 100 to include. When the last photographer was presented in April 2018, the website stood as a monument to the project, an encyclopedia of Norwegian photographers.


But that didn't stop there - now a book of the same name is being launched by German art book publisher Hatje Cantz. The book will be launched at the Frankfurt Fair on October 18, where Norway is the guest of honor.

State of affairs.

Otzko's idea with the project was to give a composite picture of what is happening in Norwegian photography. So what really happens in Norwegian photography?


- Strong growth, international interest and visibility. Photographers cross different boundaries in their search for motives, projects, challenges - and often have a wide and interdisciplinary international network. Norway has distinctive voices that convey the time we live in and all that it entails, often with a personal starting point, says Otzko.


Some of the photographers work over time with their projects, she says, others follow a specific group or theme, others do a day long project.

- The different and unique processes and voices we have make Norwegian photography diverse, exciting, challenging, interesting and highly relevant in the development of Norway's identity - who and where we are in the world.

D2 Magasinet 18.10.2019

Magasinet KUNST 18.10.2019

A Bigger Picture / 09.12.19

An Encyclopedia of Norwegian Photographers / PDN online 11.12.19


A project curated and edited by Ina Otzko / IO Productions


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Concept & Edited by Ina Otzko / IO Production 
Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag 2019  / ISBN 978-3-7757-4610-6

Texts by Celina Lunsford, Antonio Cataldo, Jens Friis, Paul Halliday
Graphic design: Paul Dring / Hothorse Design Bureau

Hardcover 29,5 x 24 cm, dust jacket / img © Bård Ek, 432 pages, 320 ills.

To order the book:

 875 NOK incl. shipping in Norway / 719 +365 NOK shipping abroad

The Book project received funding from Fritt Ord, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond and
Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond

Book Launch in Frankfurt was supported by Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Norla and Alstahaug kommune.

Book Launch in Oslo was supported by CYAN, Moswines AS

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